How Was Your Flag Day?

Waving a flag… on Flag Day

June 14th – Flag Day, a little recognized, largely overlooked holiday falling in the No Man’s Land of the summer months midway between Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  While it commemorates the adoption of our nation’s flag in 1777, no one gets that day off, no parades fill the streets,

What Abe can teach us

What Abe Lincoln – on his birthday – can teach us about investing

Hey fellow Boomers… remember? Those of us Wonder Years kids – and all senior to us – might take a look at the calendar this weekend and recognize the significance of FEBRUARY 12th as Abraham Lincoln’s birthda

Beyond the Election

Beyond the Election: Year-end Tax Moves are Back in Style!

With the aftershocks from the November 8th elections still reverberating both across America and around the world (the true shock, of course, being that punditry and “conventional wisdom” were once again proven so terribly wrong!), one thing has become crystal clear – we’re all headed

Brexit, Terrorism, Political Conventions...and the Paradox of a Rising Market

Brexit, Terrorism, Political Conventions…and the Paradox of a Rising Market

With this morning’s dawn, July has given way to summer’s final chapter: August…but not without fireworks that started on the 4th and just didn’t know when to quit:

Bond Market Mid-Year Update

Bond Market Mid-Year Update

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

The Sound of One Hand Clapping:
What the Financial Markets May Have Just Reminded Us – Yet Again – About Simple Physics

Where’s Bill Nye the Science Guy these days when we really need him?

Chinese Checkers: Set the Marbles Up & Play Again?

Chinese Checkers:

Set the Marbles Up & Play Again?

Checkers Like No Other

The winter months, especially after the holidays, were prime season for the playing of all nature of board games growing up.  One of the craziest was Chinese Checkers: up to 6 players, each with a wedge of 10 marbles on a star-shaped b

It's Cheap to Fill Up..."Oil" Over the World

It’s Cheap to Fill Up… “Oil” Over the World

$1.40 at the pump… equals Recession?

The fall in world oil prices that began in mid-2014 has continued into these early days of 2016, reaching a recent low of $26.68 on January 20th 1 from $111.93 19 months ago.2  Drivers – Uber and the

Bonds, James Bonds

Bonds, James Bonds

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